The designer developed the concept of an urban electric vehicle with a variable wheelbase for 2035

While SUVs and crossovers continue to gain popularity around the world, automotive designers are starting to think about innovative city vehicles with revived energy. Denni5 Cheng has developed the original city car, which gives the concept of urban transport an interesting twist.

Called Mobility R3, a standalone mobility concept rendered for the year 2035. It only has room for one passenger, but it can work in two unique configurations. During a typical trip, a three-wheeled vehicle extends out, and the passenger relaxes in a comfortable seat. If necessary, the wheelbase of the Mobility R3 can be shortened by lifting the cab to a more upright position. That is, for greater stability while driving at high speeds, the wheelbase of the Mobility R3 increases, and when driving along narrow city streets and during parking, on the contrary, it decreases.

Since the Mobility R3 was designed for 2035, it is loaded with futuristic components, including all-glass doors and electric motors in wheels, which restore the energy normally lost during braking to charge the battery. The concept also has fully autonomous driving capabilities, but there is a steering wheel that can come out of the dashboard so that the driver can take control.

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