Karcher Campus

The Karcher Concept: The New Solution for Campus Traveling

Have you ever struggled to find your way around a large college or university campus? The task is tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, a talented designer from Ankara, Turkey, has come up with a practical solution to this predicament. But can it compete with the mighty golf cart?

The Karcher Campus 2023 is a three-wheeled EV concept designed by Edibe Zehra Kanibol, an industrial design student from Ankara, Turkey. This vehicle is designed to solve the problem of traveling long distances in a short time, especially on university and college campuses. However, it is only available for rent to teachers and students. With a 6 kW engine, this vehicle can reach speeds in excess of 28 mph (45 km/h).

The inspiration behind the Karcher Campus 2023 comes from the German brand Karcher, which is known for manufacturing various mechanized goods for home and industrial use. Some design elements, such as the iconic yellow color, are present in the concept, while others, such as the thin LED lighting strips, are not typically associated with the brand.

Karcher Campus

The shape of the vehicle is also reminiscent of a floor scrubber. Although not intended for off-campus use, the Karcher Campus 2023 provides a unique and practical solution for campus mobility.

Going further into the design process, Edibe devised an EV that offers several advantages for both users and operators. The lower half of the Campus 2023, for example, is a frame and a wide battery array that spans the width of the car.

This pack is positioned towards the rear of the vehicle and near the induction engine, which uses an asynchronous motor. With RWD, driving can be very enjoyable, especially if the driver and passenger are coordinated with the pedals. In contrast, the front wheel only serves to guide the entire vehicle.

Karcher Campus

The Campus has two seats, which is perfect for taking someone to a class or sharing a ride with a friend. When transporting substantial items, the passenger can be left behind, and the cargo can be placed on the front seat. If more storage is required, simply lift the rear window and store it in the storage area designated behind the seats.

The Karcher Campus car has a cool interior with yellow highlights on the steering wheel, dashboard buttons, and built-in door speakers. It also has a smartphone holder and charger, an electronic display, and an app to track usage and pay for rides.

Whether it can replace golf carts on campus depends on the university’s image and infrastructure. But if a university wants something modern and functional, the Karcher Campus car is a good option. It’s also great for keeping students and faculty relaxed while driving with their favorite tunes. While we may not see it in real life, the Karcher Campus car shows the direction EVs are taking worldwide.

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