L-type patent

This is what the microcar looks like, which will be assembled at the ex-Toyota plant in Russia

Patent images of the tiny L-type appeared in the database of the Russian Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS). The design was defended by the non-public joint-stock company Driveit, registered in St. Petersburg in September 2022 as a car manufacturer.

According to the category in which the L-Type is registered, its maximum weight will be 450 kilograms, and in the cargo version – 650 kg. A microelectric car up to 2.5 meters long can accelerate to 90 kilometers per hour, and quick-change batteries should provide from 183 to 235 kilometers of reserve travel.

Production of the L-type is planned to start in the former Toyota plant in St. Petersburg in the fourth quarter of 2024. This term was called at the Obukhov plant (part of the defense corporation Almaz-Antey), which now owns the company. At first they want to produce two thousand cars a year, and by the end of the decade – 10-12 thousand.

A high degree of localization is promised: up to 70% of components will be produced in Russia. Body panels will be made by Almaz-Antey, electronic control units – by FSUE NAMI and Itelma, whose ABS may soon appear on Lada.

A number of components will be imported from China, Iran and other “friendly” countries. The car, judging by the presentation images, will be focused on delivery services and carsharing, will be able to serve in the post office and ambulance.

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