LinkData U-Bike

U-Bike: Electric car for the ride through your neighborhood

LinkData Technologies Co. from China presents the U-Bike at the CES 2018 in Las Vegas. The electric small vehicle is to change the short-distance traffic in cities. It is small and agile and reminds the popular Renault Twizy. The U-Bike is equipped with Panasonic batteries that provide a range of 100 kilometers.

LinkData is known as a developer of advanced electronics products. With introducing the electric car, the company is also taking the step towards the car industry. The electrically powered vehicle is especially suitable for a quick ride through the city or the daily commuting to work.

The U-bike is only 92 centimeters wide and weighs 180 kilograms. The buyer receives a second battery pack in addition. With the electric vehicle, the manufacturer wants to establish a new way for short-distance traffic.

The company currently exports its products to 37 countries worldwide. In the future, this will not only include battery packs, but also electricity storage and many other high-tech products. More details on the vehicle can then be published at CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

LinkData U-Bike

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