Unusual hybrid of motorcycle and car was stopped by the UK police

This Sunday, August 18, the police stopped a strange vehicle on the road. “I see this for the first time in 26 years”, said the policeman, who had stopped this vehicle. It turned out that this is a motorcycle with a plastic case attached to it from above. The windshield and side windows are made of plexiglass. And all this is sealed with tape.

When checking, the policeman turned out that both the driver and the bike itself had all the documents in perfect order. The vehicle was taxed, also everything was in order with maintenance and insurance. The policeman was surprised and wished a happy journey.

The photo shows that the biker rides without a helmet and barefoot. Can this whole body be considered a helmet substitute? During the compilation of this post, I discovered that there is a small video, December 2017, when the same homemade product hit the lens.

Naturally, at different times and in different countries, many attempts were made to make a small two-wheeled car out of a motorcycle. For ex, the Quasar motorcycle.

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