The Airway was an American microcar with two seats, made by Everett Miller and T. P. Hall between 1949 and 1950 in San Diego, California. Almost as large as conventional autos, a low-cost car, the Airway, travels 50 miles per gallon of fuel. The car, designed as “vicinity” transportation for shoppers and commuters, is expected to sell in the $500 to $750 price range. With a wheelbase of 100 inches and a 50-inch tread, the car seats three in the front.

Extra seats may be installed in the rear if desired, or the space may be used for carrying packages. The experimental models, made of aluminum, weigh only 600 pounds. Production models will be made of plastic combined with aluminum. A 10-horsepower engine drives the car 50 miles an hour. Mounted in the rear, it weighs only 120 pounds. The auto is equipped with fluid drive, plus a low gear for steep grades.

Airway photos

2-door sedan

There was also a version with 2-door sedan body

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