AIXAM 325 D become the first microcar made by a newly formed company AIXAM. The production started in 1984. Officially, it was a quadricycle, so its top speed couldn’t be more than 45 kph. And you had’n to have a driving license to use it on public roads.

Its overall dimensions: length 2.46 m, width 1.3 m, height 1.4 m. The 325 D was equipped with a 49.8 cc SACHS gasoline engine rated at 2.8 kW (3.8 cv). Another engine options were 325 cc Lombardini diesel with an output of 3.25 kW and 125 cc ESSENCE gasoline engine rated at 5.5 kW (7.5 hp). The last engine allowed 325 D to be driven at A1-A4 roads.

The suspentions were independent, with McPherson in the front. Turning radius – 4 meters. It also had hydraulic brakes on all wheels with high-diameter alloy drums.

AIXAM 325 D photos

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