AIXAM 400 Revolution

AIXAM 400 / 500 Revolution

In 1997, AIXAM launched a new “silent AIXAM” generation of microcars, which called Revolution. AIXAM takes an even greater lead in terms of SAFETY by subjecting its vehicles to the full range of car safety tests (rear and side crash test etc). It got a 400 cc diesel engine rated at 5.4 hp. This means you don’t need to have a driving license to use this car. Maximum speed is limited to 45 kph.

A brand new fiberglass body has modern for 90s bio design. There is a place for 2 inside and a place for luggage. Overall dimensions: 2585x1375x1365 mm. Curb weight- 350 kg. There were 2 versions: AIXAM 400 and 500. The second one got a 469 cc diesel engine. Available in four trim levels – E. L, SL

AIXAM 400 / 500 Revolution photos

AIXAM 400 / 500 Revolution videos

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