AIXAM completes the range шт 1985 with the launch of its first TQM (speed: 75 km/h – licence: A1, A4, AT, AL, B1 or the “driving licence” issued in France prior to 1/04/58). All category A, B, C and D licences are deemed equivalent and thus recognised. This was the AIXAM 400 D model.

The new model was quite bigger – length 2,60 m, width 1,41 m, height 1,40 m. The main feature is a 400 cc twin-cylinder water-cooled KUBOTA type Z 400 H inderect injection engine.  Its output is 7.2 kW (9.78 hp) at 3400 rpm. The engine was connected with a TEXROPE variator. Turning radius – 6 m. Suspension is fully independent with McPherson in the front.

The body was made of composite materials and had a sandwich structure with 3 layers. Its desing was similar to 325 D, but had a different plastic kit.

AIXAM 400 D photos

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