AIXAM 400 i / 500 i

AIXAM 400 i / GLi & 500 i / GLi

AIXAM presented another addition to its range – the 400 i / GLi model – in 1987. Exterior design of the new model looked like Peugeot 205 GTi, which was a great marketing joke. It had overall dimensions – 2980x1430x1370 mm. So it was the longest model in the range. Longer body allows AIXAM 400 i / GLi to have 4 placed inside instead of two in 325 i. 2-cylinders Kubota 400 cc diesel engine was rated at 7.2 kW (9.78 cv) at 3400 rpm. It was connected with a CVT. The front suspension is McPherson. Rear – independent.

Later AIXAM installed a new 479 cc Kubota Z482 2-cylinder diesel. It had an output of 8.8 kW (12 cv). The new version got a designation 500 i and 500 GLi. The more expensive GLi version has an additional equipment, such as bright red or red metallic paint, a quartz watch, headrests and hub caps.

The range also included a commercial version AIXAM 400 iUT with a payload 415 kg. It has only 2 seats and a big 2 cubic meters baggage compartment.

AIXAM 400 / 500 photos

AIXAM 400 / 500 brochures


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