Aixam A.721

Aixam A.721

In 2004, at the Paris Motor Show Aixam presented the new model range consisted of a short wheelbase Aixam A.721 and long wheelbase Aixam A.741/A.751.

The main feature of the Aixam A.721 is you can drive it without a license. It is designed to use in conditions with good level of safety. Fitted with a non-deformable aluminum cell, the Aixam A.721 has passed several crash tests. Equipped with 2 seats, it gives you a trunk volume of 600 liters. The A.721 is offered in 4 trim levels (Pack, Luxury, Super Luxury and Sport) to meet the requirements of different customers.

Inside you’ll find the modern dashboard with a very complete and sophisticated instrumentation. Aixam A.721 uses Kubota 400 cc diesel rated at 4 kW (5.4 cv) at 3200 rpm. Transmission is automatic. The front suspension is McPherson, rear — independent type. Overall length — 2674 mm, width — 1474 mm, wheelbase — 1737 mm. Curb weight — 350 kg, total weight — 640 kg. Top speed — 45 kph. Fuel consumption — less than 3.5 liters per 100 km. Range — up to 500 km.

Four colors were available: Coral Red with Silver Grey roof, Ocean Blue with Silver Grey roof, Steel Grey with Silver Grey roof and Silver Grey.

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Aixam A.721 Sport

The Aixam A.721 Sport takes all the advantages of the A.721 Super Luxe, offering as much safety, but more comfort as well with this exclusive trim. Compared to the rest of the A.721 range, the interior of the A.721 Sport has a specific upholstery for the door and seat fittings bucket two colors, comfortable and wraparound, undeniable security pledge. These seats are embroidered with the inscription Sport.

The Silver grey front bumper incorporates a large anodized aluminum air intake grille, as well as two fog lights. The Silver grey rear bumper covers the chrome exhaust pipe. Silver grey siding completes the design. The four fenders extensions allow to widen the A.721 of 50 mm, and thus to accommodate the Racing wheels with a negative offset.

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