Alta A200

Alta A200

Alta was a Greek manufacturer of 3-wheel microcars and trucks, as well as motorcycles. Production started in 1962. In 1968 Alta introduced the Alta A200 3-wheel passenger car (three wheelers were classified differently according to Greek law).

The car was based on the Fuldamobil that produced in Greece under the license as the Attica. But the A200 has more modern design. Under the hood was a Heinkel 200 cc engine. Overall dimensions — 3150x1450x1350 mm. Wheelbase — 2100 mm. Curb weight — 320 kg. Top speed — 90 kph.

The car had modest success in the Greek market and was soon considered outdated. Alta A200 was produced till 1977. It is often cited as the last derivative of the Fuldamobil.

Alta A200 photos

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