Ardex Electric Cyclecar

Ardex Electric Cyclecars

The war years were characterised by a desperate shortage of raw materials for civilian industry and of petrol. Their experience of producing very small lightweight cyclecars now encouraged Ardex to develop several little cars powered initially by electric batteries and later by pedal power during 1942 and 1943.

The first significant order came from the Fulmen Company, then a leading French producer of electrical goods and equipment. The early wartime cyclecars came on four wheels, but the number of the wheels was quickly reduced to three since during 1942 tyres became increasingly hard to find and, where found, hard to afford. Some of cyclecars were fitted with pedals as the additional support to electric motor.

In October 1942 the occupying power banned the construction of electric cars, following which Ardex were restricted to pedal powered cyclecars until after the war.

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