Ardex Type T

Ardex Type T / Type E

In 1953, Ardex showed a new Type T model. The 2-3 seater cyclecar with a simple open top body was equipped with 100 or 125 cc Société Anonyme BriBan (S.A.B.B) single-cylinder engines. The motor was located directly in front of the only driving rear left wheel.

Ardex cyclecars were equipped with two headlights, a flat windshield, one or two windscreen wipers, and a folding soft top. The most original design element are triangular doors that rotate 45 degrees along the body, opening access to the inside.

The top speed did not exceed 50 km/h, fuel consumption – 3 l/100 km. In 1953, microcars cost 168,000 francs.

In 1956, the company showed a modernized Type E model, which was distinguished by minor changes. These model can be easily recognized by the new false-grille and longitudinal molding in the center of the hood. Production of Ardex cars ceased in the same year (according to some data, the cars were produced until 1957).

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