Arola Minoto

Appeared in 1980, the Arola Minoto used the same name and body shape as an earlier prototype microcar from Bel Motors International, a short-live offshoot of the Bellier microcar company with metal frame and conventional polyester body. The Minoto name is a portmanteau derived from the terms “miniature” and “automobile” as expressed in French language.

The (licensed) version by Arola was radically different and had a molded, self-supporting bodyshell of polyester. It was the last model of the brand, and was equipped with the traditional Motobécane or Peugeot 50cc engines, although in the end it was also offered in a diesel version with a 325 Lombardini engine.

Its dimensions were 2300 mm x 1300 mm, and its weight was 203 kg (the gasoline version).

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