Arola Type 20

Arola Type 14 / 15 / 20

When Arola presented its first range of quadricycles in 1979, they bore close resemblance with the earlier models. The main difference, of course, was the front axle with conventional steering by a center-positioned steering wheel.

This layout was chosen before it became evident that French legislation for this class of vehicles would be changed soon to allow to carry two persons instead of one. The seat “bench” was still here, but now a similar back was added. Length was 74.02 in. (1,880 mm), other dimensions were the same as those of the tricycles.

The Motobécane engine was the only one available. The doors were Plexiglas. In type 14 a kind of ventilation slots were represented while in type 15 there were real sliding windows.

Arola Type 20 was presented in 1981 as a successor of Types 14 and 15. It got a slightly updated interior and was equipped with a 49 cc 4 hp engine. Top speed was 40 kph. The exterior design remained almost unchanged.

Production of the Types 14, 15 halted in 1982, while the Type 20 produced till 1983, when Arola became part of the Aixam group.

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