Attica 200

Attica 200

A company called Bioplastic SA. in Piraeus, run by Georgios Dimitriadis, obtained a license to build the Fuldamobil in Greece in 1964. Renamed the Attica, the three-wheeler used a 198cc Heinkel single-cylinder engine and could reach a top speed of 60mph (97 km/h).

Georgios Dimitriadis founder of the company Bioplastic SA. was an important figure in the history of Greek automotive industry. He designed and manufactured a light car, the Model 505, in 1958 with the attempt to produce it in series, but the taxes applied (in the Greece of the time) to four-wheel vehicles, made it remain only in a prototype, abandoning it, focusing on the production of three-wheeled vehicles, taxed as “motorcycles.”

In 1964, he started producing of a two-seater 3-wheeler under license from the German Fuldamobil. The Greece version was called Attica 200. It was built with few changes from the original German design.

It became very popular in Greece and another Greek company, Alta, soon demanded some market share in the same category, introducing a similar vehicle in 1968. It was also based on Fuldamobil technology but was extensively modified, with a more modern design. The Attica 200 however was produced until 1972.

Bioplastic S.A. in 1968, using the Attica 200 design, created a new 3-wheeled microtruck Delta. Strangely, the rear half of the Attica 200 became the front half of the Delta. But this model had little sales success.


  • Engine: 198cc Heinkel single-cylinder
  • Maximum speed: 60mph (97 km/h)
  • Producing years: 1964-1967
  • Number built: Approx 100

Attica 200 Convertible

A prototype of the convertible version was made based on the Attica 200. It was distinguished by the absence of a hard roof. A soft folding top does not seem to have been provided either.

Attica 200 Convertible

Attica 200 Cabrioletta

In 1966, Attica 200 range was joined by an open-topped Cabrioletta version. This beach model had no doors. A frameless windshield has little height. The seats for four made of wicker rods. A canopy protected from the sun. Only 5 Cabriolettas were made.

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