Auto-Tri Huevo

Auto-Tri Huevo

The company Construcciones Gaitan, SL founded in 1936 by Francisco Gaitan Sanchez, was located in Seville, and became popular under the names Gaitan Sevilla and Auto-Tri Gaitan.

This company began its activities with a bicycle rental and repair shop. Over the years it came to build his own model of delivery tricycle, bicycles, auxiliary motors for 76 cc bicycles, microcars, microvans, motorcycles and invalid cars, the latter activity that lasted until 1996.

During the war and after the war, the company built hospital beds, field furniture, movie seats, garbage trucks, vehicles for invalids with and without motors, and even pedal cars.

In 1953, Francisco Gaitan Sanchez, with the collaboration of his son Francisco Gartan Quintero, built some interesting three-wheeled microcar prototypes called Auto-Tri, which were presented in Tourism, Commercial and even as an Ambulance.

The most impressive was the “egg” model (‘huevo’) with one rear wheel and two front wheels (inspired by the Isetta). It was powered by 125 cc engines and had a top speed of 60 km/h.

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