Auto-Tri with aluminum body

Auto-Tri with aluminum body

Construcciones Gaitan, SL was founded in 1936 by Francisco Gaitan Sanchez in Seville. It began as a bicycle rental and repair shop, and later expanded to produce delivery tricycles, bicycles, auxiliary motors for 76cc bicycles, microcars, microvans, motorcycles, and invalid cars until 1996.

During the war and post-war period, the company also built hospital beds, field furniture, movie seats, and garbage trucks. In 1953, Francisco Gaitan Sanchez and his son built intriguing three-wheeled microcar prototypes named Auto-Tri.

The Auto-Tri microcars were equipped with 125cc engines and featured either front- or rear-wheel drive, with the power transmitted through a single-wheel axis.

The prototype with an aluminum body was made in Sevilla in 1954. It has an open-top roof with removable soft door panels. The design was similar to another Auto-Tri 3-wheeler, but was equipped with a higher hood.



Apparently, the only aluminium-bodied Auto-Tri prototype was converted into a van in 1955. These photos were taken at the port of Barcelona.

Auto-Tri Van

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