Bambino 200

Bambino 200

The Bambino 200 is a microcar that was built in the Netherlands between 1955 and 1957. Manufactured by Bambino, it is a 2-door microcar with a rear-wheel drive and a manual 3-speed gearbox. It was essentially a German Fuldamobil, built under license in the mid-1950s by Alweco in Veghel, Netherlands. It enjoyed limited success in the Netherlands.

The microcar has a funny-looking, egg-shaped design that makes it easily recognizable and was equipped with a single-cylinder two-stroke 191cc rear-mounted Fuldamobil engine.

Outside dimensions: Length – 3100 mm (122 in), Width – 1480 mm (58.3 in), Wheelbase – 1840 mm (72.4 in). Weights: Curb weight – 345 kg (761 lbs), Gross vehicle weight rating – 575 kg (1268 lbs). Top speed: 75 km/h (47 mph) (declared by factory).

A perfectly restored copy can be seen at the Louwman Museum.

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