Baojun E300

Baojun E300

The joint venture SAIC-GM-Wuling, created by General Motors and SAIC, expands its range of urban electric cars sold in China under the Baojun brand.

The new Baojun E300 became the third model in the Baojun range of urban electric vehicles -after the E100 and E200. The angular body of the new EV is made in accordance with the new design code of Baojun, which is officially called “geometric”, and the E300 is expected to be larger than its younger brothers.

The new electric car has a length of 2.62 m, width of 1.64 m, and a wheelbase of 1.75 m. Wheels of the E300 are 12 inches in diameter with 145/70 tires. Baojun E300 is equipped with the same 39-horsepower unit that the E100 and E200 are fitted. The battery capacity is 16.8 kWh, but other indicators.

GM’s subsidiary said that the cabin will sport a minimalist styling, with a two-spoke steering wheel located in front of a floating instrument panel, air vents, buttons and not much else. Additional details about the interior features, boot capacity and so on have yet to be released.

According to Chinese media, in addition to the two-seater version of the E300, there will also be three- and four-seater versions (with an extended base and an electric motor output increased to 55 hp). Prices of the E300 will start at 60 thousand yuan (about $8,700), but this is subject to national and local subsidies.

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