The Barcino Workshops in Barcelona were responsible for the production of hand-built trucks that facilitated the transport of fruit and vegetables from the market.

At the end of the 1950s, the workshops began to build trikes based on the details of other brands, in a purely artisanal spirit. Although four vehicles were registered, it is not known whether they were all identical.

Fortunately, a survivor from 1960, owned by Claudi Roca, still exists, albeit in need of restoration. Despite its small size, the truck is of great historical importance, and Claudi Roca presented his discovery in the summer 2004 issue of InfoCLASSIC magazine.

The trike’s technical specifications include a year of manufacture of 1960, 4.50 x 10 wheels, hydraulic front brakes, mechanical rear brakes, a Spanish Williers engine, a 3-speed gearbox without reverse and a lever start system.

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