B&B Broganette

B&B Broganette

“The answer to the demand for a tiny, inexpensive car” was how Frank Brogan described the $500 two-cylinder, Onan-powered 10 hp Broganette that B&B Specialty introduced in 1951. Though not suitable for cross-country travel, it could accommodate two people and serve as a second family car or for commuting to work.

The Broganette had completely changed its configuration, adopting 2 wheels at the front and one at the back, with the body being somewhat longer. The roadster had doors that can fold down and soft top. The special version was an Ice Cream Truck.

Brogan sold fewer than 12 of these cars before tweaking their design with different fenders, bumpers, and trim. He produced 50 more before a 1958 fire destroyed his factory, causing him to relocate to Cincinnati and reorganize as B & B Manufacturing. The company later manufactured scooters, golf carts, and gocarts, including the Twin-B Runabout and Hornet.

Frank Brogan finally sold his shop in 1959, but he continued to occupy a corner of the building manufacturing his last small car, the two-passenger Brogan Street-Cart.

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