BCB Trirrodio Bichibi

BCB Trirrodio «Bichibi»

Bichibi was the phonetic extraction of BCB, the initials of this car’s creators: Bulto then working for Montesa, Carlos Carreras, Member of the Bureau technique of ENASA, and the Italian engineer Medardo Biohno, designer of Pegasus. Made in Monresa, Spain, BCB Trirrodio never reached intended production but the prototype remains in existence.

BCB Trirrodio shares a lot of units with a Spanish motorcycle Montesa Brío, including a 125cc Montesa Brio 90 engine. The project was hoped to be the realisation of an idea to create a commercially viable vehicle for urban transportation in the microcar sector. Montesa was to provide 25% of the capital, and would provide the mechanics and would sell through its network of distributors.

Unfortunately by the time the project became a practical proposition the microcar market had largely been usurped by the emerging mass produced economical small cars such as Renault 4/4 and subsequently the Seat 600, and therefore the project did not go beyond the prototype phase. Only one unit was manufactured. That unit was recovered by the Lozano brothers and restored by Manuel García and José Antonio Eguía, who provided the vehicle with a body with the appearance that its creators wanted. The vehicle was presented at the 2011 Auto Retro Salon in Barcelona.


  • Engine: 1-cylinder 2T 125cc from Motesa Brio 90
  • Output: 8cv at 6,000 rpm
  • Length: 1700 mm
  • Tires: 3,50×10′
  • Curb weight: 190 kg
  • Total weight: 490 kg
  • Top speed: 80 km/h

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