Biota Mk2

Biota Mk2

John Houghton redesigned the Biota Mk1 after 25 units had been produced and introduced the Mk2 version. The new car had a full hinged forward bonnet, replacing the one-piece lift-off bonnet with a removable central bulge.

The front end had a larger grille and rounder edges to allow easier access to the engine. The spaceframe chassis underwent significant changes, with the frame widened to accommodate proper seating and the rocker panels lowered for easier access. The De Dion-type four-link rear suspension could be fitted, and the Clam Seat, a new bucket seat with integral headrest and extra cushion, was also available.

Houghton’s hillclimb car was converted to a Mk2 and featured in advertising after winning the 1972 BARC Hillclimb Championship. In addition, Houghton’s crew built another mini-engined midget racer which was raced under the Biota banner to promote the new ‘Formula Mini’ class.

The Biota Mk2, although an improved version, was overshadowed by the more popular Mk1 and only six were produced by 1974. Houghton had made plans for a hardtop version with hood and a hatchback, but these cars never saw the light of day.

The Biota CA, a shooting brake sports car, was also considered, and a prototype was built, but it never went into production. Houghton eventually sold the project to Jeff Williamson, a mini racer, but no more cars were produced. The molds ended up in the hands of an Argentinean who planned to use them to build a golf cart.

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