Biscuter 200-F (Pegasin)

Biscuter 200-F (Pegasin)

Introduced in 1957, the Biscuter 200-F (or Pegasin) was the last of the saga. The new car model was introduced with the aim of appealing to wealthier customers. This model was more luxurious than the basic version and featured a 2-door plastic body with both hardtop and softtop options.

Its design was inspired by the Pegaso Z-102 and it was equipped with a Hispano-Villiers, 197 cc, two-stroke, single-cylinder, 9 hp (7 kW) engine, which allowed a top speed of 75 km/h (47 mph). The engine had a 7.3 compression ratio and was equipped with a DellOrto carburetor. The manual three-speed gearbox provided a smooth ride.

The Biscúter Pegasin had overall dimensions of 3030 mm in length, 1220 mm in width and 1230 mm in height, with a curb weight of 310 kg. It was equipped with front and rear transverse suspension and coil springs, as well as front and rear drum brakes.

By the early 1960s, however, sales and production of the Biscúter had dwindled and eventually ceased, with only about 12,000 units produced (and less of the Pegasin models). It is believed that most of these cars were eventually scrapped.

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