Canadian Mini

Mini (version for Canada)

Do you know what is cool? Different special versions available only in one particular corner of the world. Canadian Minis are among them. In the 1970s, the new strict US safety regulations came into effect which resulted in cut off Minis from the US market.

But Canada didn’t quickly abandon British microcars. The Minis in modified form continued to sell in this country. The list of changes includes:

  • The fuel tank neck has been changed and fuel caps from other markets will no longer fit.
  • Additional side marker lights and reflectors have been added.
  • The front blinkers have increased in size.
  • The latches to hold the front seats were introduced on the Canadian Minis long before they were used in England.
  • There were some changes in dashboard and switches location.
  • Seatbelt warning was added.
  • New bumpers with a rubber impact strip.
  • Smog control was added using an air pump and injector holes in the head.


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