Changli CLZKC-009

Changli PK-002

Changli PK-002 was presented by the Chinese company Jiangsu Ruipaiying Import And Export Co. The exterior design of the model has something in common with Chevrolet pickups in front, and Ford F-150 in the back.

The manufacturer does not hide the fact that during the creation of the car the designers were inspired by the American auto industry. Bu the request of the customer, the company can even put the inscription Explorer on the grille and Jeep stickers on the door.

The length of the new Changli PK-002 is 3500 mm and payload is up to 400 kg. The cabin of the budget electric car is designed for two people. The equipment includes a rear-view camera, sunroof, heater and power windows. The car can be equipped with air conditioning as an option.

Changli CLZKC-009 has a roof rack and a pair of lights. The pickup is powered by a 4 hp electric motor, which allows a maximum speed of 65 km/h. The range is up to 130 km provided by a 4.8 kWh battery. It can be increased by installing a gasoline generator.

The cost of a Chinese pickup truck is $2,000, and you can order it on Alibaba. The company claims that the car is ideal for transporting goods in factory facilities.

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