Chevrolet PEV2

General Motors has launched a campaign to release previously unseen concepts called From The Vault. Images of two prototypes with a shared PEV index have been released. The company’s designers had hoped that Chevrolet city cars in the shape of the Smart ForTwo or Renault Twizy could adopt this look, but the project never progressed beyond the initial mock-ups.

The Chevrolet PEV2 features striking body design and minimalist interior. It could tilt like a motorcycle when cornering. The ultra-compact car was designed for city dwellers. After a series of studies, GM analysts concluded that residents of cities such as New York and Shanghai rarely travel more than 60 kilometres per day, and in most cases do not exceed 60 kilometres per hour. So they developed small, relatively slow electric car that are only 2.5 metres long. The dimensions of the concept would allow it to be parked perpendicular to the pavement, according to the creators.

Most likely, the PEV project was an evolution of the EN-V 2.0 concept that GM developed in the early 2010s. This project even reached the testing stage, but the small electric car never made it to the production line. However, the designers have apparently decided to make a second attempt by simplifying the original plan.

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