Chok G1

Chok G1

Chinese company Dayang Motorcycle launched the unlicensed clone of Suzuki Jimny, which can be operated without a driver’s license. Despite the huge age of Suzuki Jimny(it is more than 20 years old now), Chinese companies did not ignore him, introduced an electric clone called Chok G1.

The development of this electric vehicle began in 2016 when one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in China – the company Dayang Motorcycle – decided to begin production of LSEV (Low Speed Electric Vehicle).

The company does not require the permission of the Chinese government to produce such vehicles, actually LSEVs are not the cars according to the Chinese law. That’s why they do not require a driver’s license.

Chok G1

The design of the Chok G1 does not even repeat the appearance of Suzuki Jimny one-to-one, but enough to understand which car the Chinese copied. Of course, the Chinese clone does not have a full drive and frame, and its dimensions are smaller: length – 3,214 mm, width – 1,466 mm, height – 1,580 mm, wheelbase – 1,605 mm. The LSEV is designed for four people. It is equipped with a lead-acid battery and an electric motor with a power of 8 hp. The range is 200 kilometers, and the maximum speed is 46 kph.

If the exterior is a copy of Suzuki Jimny, then the interior is completely original and quite ridiculous: the gear selector sticks out in the middle of the dashboard, and there are cup holders opposite the passenger (where the airbag is usually located). The Chok G1 has a digital instrument panel.

In China the Chok G1 costs from 44,800 to 51,800 yuan (from $6,680 to $7,720). At least 3 times less than the original Suzuki Jimny.

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