Citroen My Ami Cargo

Citroen My Ami Cargo

Citroen has unveiled an ultra-compact commercial van called My Ami Cargo, a utility version of the Ami electric car. The one-man van with an 8-horsepower electric motor can carry up to 140 kilograms of cargo with a total body length of 2.4 meters. Price – from 6,490 euros.

The van is built on the basis of the Ami electric passenger car. There is a modular cargo space instead of the passenger’s seat. This room can be taken by a convertible box with a volume of 260 liters with a removable shelf – it serves as a kind of a desktop and can withstand a load of up to 40 kilograms. In addition, Citroen has developed a set of partitions, cargo nets and folding floors. As a result, the volume of usable space reaches 400 liters, and the length of the cargo is 1.2 meters.

With an 8-horsepower electric motor, My Ami Cargo is capable of accelerating to 45 km/h. The 5.5-kilowatt battery provides a power reserve of 75 kilometers, and it can be charged from a household outlet in 3 hours. In France, an electric car is considered an ATV, which allows you to drive it from the age of 14.

Citroen expects the van to become an alternative to the two- and three-wheeled vehicles that are used by delivery services: the van is environmentally friendly, safer, and also protects the passenger and cargo from bad weather conditions.

In addition, it is intended for various service firms whose employees provide services at home and have to carry equipment with them. In addition to spaciousness, the main advantages of My Ami Cargo are compactness and environmental friendliness: an electric car is allowed to enter the areas of urban centers that are closed to vehicles with internal combustion engines.

Citroen My Ami Cargo will go on sale at the end of May 2021. The van can be bought or leased.

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