Clean Motion Re: volt

Initiatives aimed at reducing harmful emissions are forcing manufacturers of different types of transport to look for solutions. One such company is Clean Motion. It is a Swedish company that has been manufacturing light and affordable electric tricycles for ten years. Clean Motion electric cars are the most energy efficient and use most of their energy to transport goods, not the vehicle itself.

The company’s Re: volt is a vehicle for the city, which works from the sun energy. This electric car is ideal for the delivery industry, as it allows achieving greater efficiency through the “right size”.

Re: volt is a small, rugged and modular delivery van designed to meet the huge demand for eco-friendly last-mile transport in cities. It has a roof with solar panels, which makes it energy efficient. The electric car is built on a flexible platform that adapts to the scope of use. The range of the model is 100 kilometers, but it can be adjusted from 70 to 280 kilometers. And in ideal conditions the range in general can reach 380 km.

Re: volt is already available for order. The electric car is planned to be sent to production this fall.

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