Covin i-EA 01

Covin i-EA 01 / i-EA 02

Covin Motors officially unveiled two compact models, the three-door Covin i-EA 01 and the five-door i-EA 02 for 2023. Sales of the cars should begin in the first quarter of next year.

The Covin i-EA entry-level electric car series features a cute design as well as a compact body size. LED parking lights are located on the lower front trim. The front bumper of the i-EA 01 inclides a wide air intake, which is framed by decorative elements on the sides, while the i-EA 02 has a closed grille design with a small air intake at the bottom of the bumper. The shape of the taillights is the same as the front.

The overall dimensions of the three-door i-EA 01 are 3.08/1.66/1.55 meters. The wheelbase is 1.99 meters. There are two possible layouts of the cabin: 2 and 4 seats. The five-door i-EA 02 has a length, width and height of 3.81/1.67/1.56 meters with a wheelbase of 2.49 meters. The longer model can carry 4 or 5 people, depending on the selected model version.

The EVs have two-tone body painting, where the roof, rear mirrors, spoiler and wheel pattern are in white color. The dashboard includes a 7-inch instrument panel and 10.25-inch central screen of the multimedia system. The 360-degree all-around vision system and keyless access are among the options.

The i-EA 01 is equipped with a single electric motor. Maximum power of the power plant reaches 47 hp. The system uses a lithium-iron-phosphate battery. The range is 155/210/301 km depending on the version.

The i-EA 02, offers both pure electric and hybrid powertrains with increased range. The maximum power reaches 68 horsepower. The purely electric version offers three variants of the car: 210, 301 and 401 km (under CLTC conditions).

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