Known for his diverse talents in drawing and art, Akira Toriyama also has a passion for cars. This passion led him to the incredible opportunity to design a car for Japan’s CQ Motors in 2004. The result was an exclusive, small, single-passenger electric vehicle.

Available in five vibrant colors, this uniquely designed car, reminiscent of Toriyama’s signature cartoon style, had a top speed of approximately 18 miles per hour. As a limited edition, only nine of these remarkable cars were made available to the public. However, their rarity came at a price, with each car valued at around $19,000 USD.

The “QVOLT” is an EV microcar based on Toyota’s COMS, was a limited edition of 9 units worldwide. When it went on sale, it sold out instantly, and at least six units are still in existence.

Toriyama’s words on his design for the car:

“I especially love Qcar like small cars, to make this a fun car to drive, I took my time and designed it over a period of more than one year… Value and balance gave me a hard time, but due to my genius mini-model construction skills, I finally arrived at the end of what was a very emotional journey. Although the price may seem steep, I think it’s a bargain.”

The first generation COMS was originally capable of only 50 to 60 km/h, so that’s about the speed at which I can drive it. The battery is charged at a 100 V household outlet, and the driving range depends on the temperature (which affects the battery).

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