Daechang Danigo

Daechang Danigo

Daechang Danigo from South Korea is a compact two-seater electric car for the city. Externally, the model is a bit like Renault Twizzy, although significantly cheaper – with a minimum mileage costs about 7 thousand dollars.

The EV can reach 80 km/h and have a range of 100 kilometers thanks to LG’s compact 6.6 kWh battery. It is powered by an electric motor with a capacity of 20.5 hp (15 kW). Daechang Danigo electric car can be charged from the home 220-volt network in just 3.5 hours.

The Korean electric car reaches just over 2 meters in length and looks like a small capsule on wheels. The body is made of plastic, so the weight of the car is only 430 kg.

The passenger sits behind the driver, as on a motorcycle. The interior decoration is rather laconic. It is equipped with a digital instrument panel and there are almost no switches inside. The equipment includes air conditioning. There is no trunk, so you have to install a plastic box on the roof.

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