Daihatsu Tsumu Tsumu Concept

Daihatsu Tsumu Tsumu

The miniature truck Daihatsu Tsumu Tsumu features a removable body and a quadrocopter platform. The highlight of the microtruck is an unusual driver’s door. It is able to bend, so that the driver gets the opportunity to get out of the cab even in a tight place, but at the same time a convenient large opening is provided.

The platform can be selected at the request of the customer. The Tsumu Tsumu can be transformed in almost any commercial vehicle: agricultural drone mover, public transport, even a mobile mini-hotel or a street shop. Daihatsu says the Tsumu Tsumu previews a next-generation light truck for the Japanese market.

Daihatsu Tsumu Tsumu is made in the dimensions of key cars — its length, width, height are 3395, 1475 and 1850 mm, respectively.

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