Avvenir Tectus

Daymak Avvenire Tectus

Daymak, a Canadian company, is challenging the traditional view of mobility scooters by introducing the Tectus, an electric three-wheeler with a fully enclosed cockpit and unique design. Described as an all-weather AWD scooter suitable for all types of terrain, the Tectus is currently available for pre-order with deliveries expected in 2024. Best known for its e-bikes, Daymak is also working on a range of electrified mobility options, including a flying car.

At the end of 2020, Daymak will launch the Avvenire range, which includes the Tectus. The word ‘Avvenire’ means ‘future’ in Italian, and these electric mobility solutions are designed to be future-proof: lightweight, fully electric, fast, safe, smart and comfortable. At the time of the announcement, they had not yet been launched.

Like other products in the Avvenire range, Tectus currently exists only in the digital realm and has already passed its planned launch date of May 2021. There is hope that it will eventually go into production, as the promise it holds is well worth the wait.

This LEV is powered by two motors, one in the front wheel and one in the rear axle, delivering a total of 2,000W and a top speed of 20mph (32km/h). It has a full-throttle mode, reverse function and a small cargo compartment at the rear.

The Deluxe model comes with a 2,400Wh battery, while the Ultimate model is equipped with a 5,400Wh battery, offering a range of 160km (99 miles). Daymak does not specify whether this range is with a full payload, but given the Tectus’ cargo-carrying capabilities, it would be logical to assume so.

Access to the interior is via a lowering roof that can be operated manually or by remote release. The Tectus has the same futuristic styling as other Avvenire LEVs, giving it a more upmarket look than a standard scooter.

Estimated range is based on Ultimate trim only, which includes air conditioning, heating, air filter, reversing camera with sensors, safety lights, GPS tracking, tyre sensors, alarm clock and cup holders. Additional options such as finger-scan buttons for the LEV and wireless or trickle solar charging are available at extra cost.

The Tectus is designed to be all-weather with dual motors and larger tyres, making it suitable for a variety of terrains including sand, snow and dirt. According to Daymak, no insurance or licence is required for this on-road and off-road mobility scooter.

Daymak prices the Tectus accordingly, with a reservation fee of $100 and the Deluxe model costing $6,995, while the Ultimate starts at $8,999. Bear in mind, however, that the Deluxe does not include features such as air conditioning, heating, safety equipment or GPS tracking. The price of the Ultimate can also increase significantly with the addition of optional features.

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