eD1 Mini

eD1 Mini

Recently, cute electric delivery vehicles have become a trend in China. Many companies, including Matrix Motors, Derry Auto and Jenhoo, have launched their models. The eD1 Mini is the latest addition, aimed at reducing the cost of the last mile in supply chains.

The eD1 Mini is a product of Eternal Asia Supply Management, a company under Jitai Vehicle Technology. The company has been working for a long time to develop efficient ways for last-mile delivery. Last mile delivery is known to account for an average of 28% of logistics costs, which is a significant expense. In addition, there are other problems in this area, such as poor safety for couriers, simple configurations, and low-quality delivery vehicles.

The eD1 Mini is designed to solve these problems by using a new modular platform that employs control-by-wire technology and a simple structure to reduce costs. Currently, the price of the eD1 Mini is unknown, so it’s difficult to determine if the product is truly cost effective or if this is just a PR statement.

The eD1 Mini is a practical small van with a cute exterior design that features round LED lights and a blocky shape. It has a cargo capacity of 2.6 cubic meters and is built on a modular architecture. Equipped with ABS and GPS positioning system, it meets modern safety requirements and is designed to avoid potential collisions. Although the power output and battery capacity of the eD1 Mini are unknown, it can cover a range of up to 100 km on a single charge.

The interior features a single seat, an LED instrument panel, a three-spoke steering wheel and a parking brake lever. A unique aspect of the cabin design is a small desk to the right of the driver, providing a convenient place for a courier to take notes or use a notebook. It’s worth noting, however, that there’s no a cup holder for the driver, which may be a conscious decision by Eternal Asia Supply Management to minimize distractions while driving. While this may not be the final production version of the eD1 Mini, the interior design could benefit from further improvements.

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