Elaris Finn

Elaris Finn

The German supermarket chain Lidl intends to develop a new market segment for itself. It will sell electric cars under the Elaris brand. The firstborn will be a city car called Finn.

The compact battery-powered city car is developed together with Chinese company Jiangsu Jintan Changdanghu which will produce the EV. Visually the novelty is similar to Smart. Length of the electric car is 2870 mm and wheelbase is 1770 mm. Height and width are 1560 and 1570 mm, respectively.

Despite the compact size, the Finn looks very harmoniously. The interior is designed for two people. Luggage capacity is 229 liters, so packages with groceries will easily fit in this space. The model is equipped with a multimedia system with a touch screen, air conditioning and cruise control.

The city-car is equipped with a 47.6 horsepower electric motor and 32 kWh battery. It can travel up to 200 km on a single charge. The maximum speed is 115 km/h.

Elaris Finn will be available in Europe only in leasing for 222 euros per month. But you’ll be able to buy it in china at a price of 23,900 euros.

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