Elio Motors Elio-E

Elio Motors CEO Paul Ilio broke a three-year silence:

“We never stopped working to make our dream come true. The market has changed, with investors and consumers looking for innovative, environmentally friendly and affordable electric vehicles. We have a great option that will appeal to a very large segment.”

The company and its partner Roush Performance are convinced that the Elio-G gasoline tricycle can be the base model for the electric version Elio-E starting at $14,900. In addition, the former GM plant in Shreveport, Louisiana is still on lease from Elio Motors along with “important” equipment. Elio-E launch dates have not been announced.

The three-wheeled electric car is shown in renders. It differs from the gasoline Elio-G only in the absence of a grill on the nose. Dimensions: 4077 × 1918 × 1377 mm, wheelbase – 2794, clearance – 146 mm. There are 135/80 R15 tires in the front, 175/65 R15 tires in the back. There are no other characteristics yet.

Now all the forces of Elio Motors will be thrown into the development, testing and production of an electric car. If the Elio-E succeeds, the Elio-G will appear as an alternative. The prototype was equipped with a three-cylinder aspirated 0.9 liter (55 hp, 74 N•m) engine paired with manual gearbox or automatic Aisin gearbox.

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