Emis Art

Emis Art — the car which was created by an orthodontist. At first glance, the little car looks like a Japanese key-car such as the Honda City from the 80s — just as tiny, simple and practical. Its proportions suggest a conventional front-wheel drive. The wheels for the car are clearly large, which partly hints at sports inclinations and suggests a resemblance to a golden retriever puppy.

And he doesn’t have a radiator grill. It generally has no air intakes anywhere! Is this thing electric? No, better! This thing is a Beetle.

Yes, the boxer four-cylinder 1600cc engine from the Beetle is located in the rear. The car borrowed both its torsion bar suspension and a bunch of other Volkswagen parts: a transmission from VW SP2, a dashboard from Gol, headlights from Brasilia and something from Passat. The windows came from the Chevette, and the taillights on it from Fiat Panorama, only turned upside down. The body and chassis of the car are unique.

Emis Art was developed in the mid-80s by an orthodontist named Alfredo Soares Veiga. It inspires by the Dacon PAG 928. He designed the first car and made about ten copies, and then sold the rights to Emis for more mass production. However, it was not possible to achieve an impressive scale: only 153 copies left the assembly line.

According to contemporaries, Emis Art drove very well. He perfectly clung to the road, had neutral steering and showed a tendency to oversteer only when driving at the limit. It was not inferior in speed to much more eminent rivals – for example, the Ford Escort XR3 (most likely because it weighed about 725 kg).

So, we have a rear-engine light nice car created by an orthodontist. Well, how can you not love him?

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