Evetta Cargo

Evetta Cargo

1st version

ElectricBrands has prepared a whole range of different variants of the Evetta Prima electric car, a modern version of the legendary Izetta microcar. It is assumed that in addition to the regular electric car and the OpenAir version, the lineup will also include a small Evetta Cargo truck.

It has already been dubbed the smallest pickup in the world. We have no idea if it intends to sell this derivative, but it could be an interesting last-mile delivery vehicle.

It has a shorter cab with a single front door, but a much longer wheelbase. A small cargo platform with an awning is placed in the rear.

2nd version

There is a second more compact version of Evetta Cargo with a storage capacity of up to 1 950 liters and maximum payload is somewhat lower at 600 kg. Cargo compartment sizes are 1500x1300x1000 mm.

In particular, the versatile space can be used for different purposes: it was shown at the IAA show with a heated pizza box, but the firm says it can also be used for espresso cars or urban delivery businesses.

Its smaller 14 kWh battery also gives it a more extensive range of up to 150 km, with a top speed of 90 km/hour. This small electric commercial vehicle is also closer to production, with a projected 2023 launch date and an expected price of 19 990 euros.

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