Evetta Prima

Evetta Prima

Evetta Prima is the new name of Artega Karo — the “new Isetta” which is now belongs to ElectricBrands AG. Evetta is the name of a new brand from ElectricBrands. It will sell several versions of the bubble car.

The not-so-successful and not-so-long history of the Artega company, whose main profile was sports cars, was over in 2022. Its assets having been taken over by the startup ElectricBrands AG. The new owner has decided to bring the Artega Karo electric “bubble car” project, based on the legendary BMW Isetta, to mass production by 2023.

The “new Izetta” project came to Artega as a contracting company: this project, called Microlino, was presented in 2016 by the Swiss company Micro Mobility Systems AG and then found in Artega a production partner. Alas, the cooperation did not go well, the Swiss were not satisfied with the quality of Artega’s work and decided to find a new contractor, but Artega announced that it would release its version of the “new Izetta” as Artega Karo.

It almost went to court, but in the end the former partners agreed not to bother each other and offer “bubble cars” with different design – as the market is big and there is enough space for everyone. Production version of Microlino 2.0 (“two” indicates an upgraded design) eventually saw the light last fall, but Artega did not survive the pandemic and financial difficulties in April of this year it was bought by the startup ElectricBrands AG.

ElectricBrands company based in Itzehoe, Germany, is already known to our readers by its Xbus/eBussy project – a range of subcompact electric vens with a retro design.

The Prima with a closed body and a single door in front of the vehicle will start at €19,540 ($19,857 at the current exchange rate), way more than the Microlino 2.0 (€14,990 in Germany, or $15,234). It is 248 meters length, 1,50 meters width, can reach 90 kph and its range is 240 km.

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