Fiat 500 by Kartell

Fiat 500 by Kartell

Creativity and innovation are the elements that inspired the one-off Fiat 500 Kartell. The company focuses on designer furniture and lighting, and blue is her favorite color.

The new 500 Kartell is a blend of materials that combine to create a true modern design. The exterior is characterized by the concept of “monoblock color”, in which different types of materials – metal, rubber, glass, plastic and fabric – are interpreted in the same chromatic shade: Kartell blue, obtained from Klein blue, a universally recognized and iconic brand color.

The body surfaces are made in mirror-colored Kartell blue, obtained using eco-chrome paint, on which the logos of the two brands stand out, treated with sandblasted polycarbonate, to give a feeling of material and depth.

Inside, the Kabuki pattern is always the main character, as a polycarbonate coating on the dashboard insert and as a transparent application on the seats. The contrast between the blue color of the Kartell exterior and the brightness of the interior, which demonstrates a light and light environment when dispensing warm and cold tones, has a great influence.

Interior plastics are made from 100% recycled polypropylene, like the chairs from the latest Kartell collection, and from natural and comfortable fabrics made from fully recycled polyester.

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