Fiat 500 Jolly Icon-e

Fiat 500 Jolly Icon-e by Garage Italia

The cute little car based on the original Fiat 500 was unveiled by the Garage Italia. It is named Fiat 500 Jolly Icon-e. The latest project by the Italian company is a contemporary view of a car that has meant a lot to the country. The Icon-e is a sustainable restomod, partly made with recycled materials. With the unveiling of the electric 500, the brand takes its first steps to become a valued player in the world of converted classic EVs.

The Fiat 500 Jolly Icon-e is of course upgraded to modern safety requirements. For example, Garage Italia has redesigned the windscreen and reinforcements have been installed around it to increase safety of passengers in crashes.

Inside the Jolly Icon-e we find a rope-woven interior and an updated dashboard. A gear lever with a hare and a turtle on it determines the two working modes of the electric motor. We still don’t know any details about powertrain, but the car should apparently be able to cover at least 120 kilometers on a full battery. It is also not clear how much the Fiat 500 from Garage Italia should cost.

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