Fiat 500 Mai Troppo by Bvlgari

Fiat 500 Mai Troppo by Bvlgari is the one-off special edition designed by jewelry and watch company Bvlgari to celebrate the new Fiat 500. Emperor Saffron was chosen as the main shade – the color obtained by adding special golden dust – the departure of jewelry production from the Bvlgari workshops in Valenza.

The dashboard is decorated with hand-painted multi-colored silk, the seats are upholstered in octane leather, which is decorated with embroidery that echoes its pattern with the dashboard, as well as a gold frame.

The interior of the car is complemented by a custom-made jewelry case and a white calfskin hat box. Two compartments for storing small items were made of Bvlgari handbags and leather accessories, which gave them a new life. The rims are made in the shape of an eight-pointed Bvlgari star.

The car is adorned with a ‘B.500’ logo of a special design, with an eight-pointed Bvlgari star centered in a dazzling diamond pave, and a diamond-encrusted logo on the steering wheel adorns a spectacular ensemble of amethyst, citrine and topaz, which can be removed and worn separately as a brooch.

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