France-Jet V2N

France-Jet V2N

With the aim of entering the American market, the subsidiary France-Jet Motor Ltd. created for this purpose, presented in New York the new model under the brand name France-Jet. It had several differences from the Jet V2N, including the new 280 cc AMC 4-stroke engine.

Dimensions: Total length: 3.20 m. Width: 1.35m. Height: 1.12m. Wheelbase 1.87m. Front and rear tracks 1.12 m. Weight in running order: 450 kg. Turning radius: 5.5 m.

The France-Jet V2N got minimum interest at the car show, but the advertisement said:

“…a firm order for 3,000 cars had just been placed by an American company from New Orleans.”

Mass production should be started in February 1960, but this didn’t happened. Only few copies were made and sold in the USA.

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