This unusual hatchback is designed for those who want to start driving as soon as possible. It’s called “Geparda”, which is German for “cheetah”. It is based on Volkswagen Up! which undergoes a series of modifications and becomes a tricycle to fall under the L5e category.

Although the car has three wheels, the rear axle has a “double wheel”. This is why the rear end of the car looks like it is floating when viewed from the side.

The wheel covers with the huge “Geparda” logo remind the VW XL1, where the extra panels had an aerodynamic function.

The company behind the “Geparda” claims it has modified the chassis to improve the car’s stability after fitting the unusual rear axle. The modifications include an H&R stabilizer in the front and Eibach springs in the back, so this vehicle should be less prone to tipping over than something like the Reliant Robin.


The modified version of “Geparda” can be considered a rival to the Citroën Ami, Fiat Topolino and Opel Rocks-e, as all three of these vehicles can be driven by 16-year-olds. While these three vehicles are electric, “Geparda” utilizes a naturally aspirated 1.0-liter engine that was originally offered by VW.

The engine produces either 59 or 74 horsepower, but has now been significantly downsized to just 20 horsepower. This power is routed to the front axle through a five-speed manual transmission. Despite this, it is still capable of reaching speeds of 68 mph.

The cas weighs just 2,000 pounds and delivers 49 miles per gallon of fuel. The “Geparda” features rear drum brakes, front disc brakes, four airbags, ABS and ESP. It seats four passengers and has a maximum weight capacity of just under 3,000 pounds.

Based in Bad Homburg, Germany, Geparda has delivered the first cars and is charging around €20,000 (approximately $21,650) for each conversion. Other German companies have also begun offering similar conversions, with Ellenator doing the same for the Fiat 500 model.

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