Guangxi Sunlong eD1mini

Guangxi Sunlong eD1mini

Guangxi Sunlong, which once focused on M-class buses, is now pragmatically transforming itself into new energy N-class trucks. After entering the heavy-duty truck business, it started to enter the light vehicles market, the main selling point is the electrification of urban distribution logistics.

In August 2023, Guangxi Sunlong applied for the eD1mini series HQK1012BEVK pure electric truck chassis. Both front and rear adopt “big-eyed cute” round light elements. The vehicle width is 1472mm, it can accommodate 2 people, GVW=1.35 tons, and the wheelbase is 2.35 meters. The front/rear independent suspension is more suitable for urban working conditions.

It is equipped with a Changsha Banghua Group 9.859 degree LFP power battery and Hangzhou Kuobo 20kW electric drive system. This chassis was declared and announced at the same time as the van version.

The total length of the vehicle is 3477 mm. Thanks to the high-floor cargo platform, there is no rear wheel arches in the cargo box. The cargo box is 1.7 meters long and has a volume of 2.62 cubic meters. The rated load is 430kg, the range is 100km and the top speed is 81 km/h.

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