A,M,P. handmade car

A.M.P. 3-wheeler

In 1957, in Pamplona, ​​Antonio Muñoz Perera (A.M.P.), built a unique prototype of a touring tricycle (one front wheel and two rear wheels ) in a completely handmade way. It was equipped with a beautiful body (2+2 seats), with two doors and a canvas top, with a structure similar to that of the David tricycles of that time, but more like the body of a conventional car and incorporated a flat front window of the Securit brand. The chassis had an inverted “Y” shape and the front suspension was of the McPerson type.

It was equipped with an AMC Fita 175 cc 4-stroke (56 x 69 mm) single-cylinder engine, air-cooled, developing 8.5 HP at 6,000 rpm, from a Rieju motorcycle scrapyard, the transmission being per chain. It was capable of reaching 70 km/h.

For its approval it was necessary to give it a brand name, something that its creator had not foreseen and that he finally baptized as “A.M.P.” using his own initials. The vehicle rolled with provisional license plates for at least two years, and its owner Antonio Muñoz used it regularly and traveled with it to the patron saint festivities of the Navarrese towns.

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